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1.WTT was set up by the ITTF in August 2019 with the aim of modernizing its commercial business activities and helping table tennis to compete with the world's highest-profile sports. Enditem。
2."Mary is our key player and his goals tell everything," said Shenzhen coach Jordi Cruijff. "His problem is not clear and we have to wait. I hope he will back soon because we have more games in very short period."。
3.He returned to Fortaleza almost immediately, leading the side to ninth in the 20-team Serie A standings in 2019. They are 10th in the current table, only eight points behind leaders Internacional, more than a quarter of the way through the season.。
4.Chen Yufei partnered with Li Wenmei to defeat Lv Xuezhou/Lin Xin 11-5, 11-8, 11-5 in the women's doubles, gaining the opening point for Qingdao.。
5.BUENOS AIRES, Sept. 9 (Xinhua) -- Celta Vigo are close to submitting a formal bid for River Plate and Argentina international center-back Lucas Martinez Quarta, according to media reports in the South American country.。
6."I'm so proud of Nicole and I, we've really worked very hard every day," said Xu, after the pair reached their second final in the last three weeks at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center.。


1.Two years ago, an invitation was sent to the world - "Welcome to Hangzhou". Two years to go, the city is determined to honor its promises of a "Green, Smart, Economical and Ethical" Games in 2022. Enditem。
2.4. Starting where they finished in Granada。
3.The French Ligue 1 defending champions added that the deal included a purchase option when the loan ends next summer.。
4."This is the first formal game since the pandemic, to me, it is a test which will provide a reference for my following winter training." Enditem。
5.Aris is one of Greece's most successful clubs, having won the fourth most Super League titles after Olympiacos, Panathinaikos and AEK Athens. Enditem。
6.The world volleyball governing body FIVB released the schedule of the VNL 2021 early this month, and Brazil will start their campaign at home by hosting the United States, Canada and the Dominican Republic in Cuiaba before the second week in Brasilia, and they will conclude the final week in Seoul, South Korea after travels to China and Poland.。


1."WTT Macao is our opportunity to show the world just what an incredible transformation our sport will be going through in the World Table Tennis era, and to demonstrate how we are elevating table tennis into one of the greatest sporting properties on the planet," said WTT Council Chair Liu Guoliang, who also takes charge of the Chinese Table Tennis Association (CTTA).。
2.Wolves were impressive all campaign and although Nuno Espiritu Santo has lost Matt Doherty to Spurs, the arrivals of Fabio Silva and Fernando Marcal should compensate for that departure.。
3.BEIJING, Sept. 12 (Xinhua) -- Apart from the huge task of the Olympic title defence at next year's Olympic Games in Tokyo, Chinese volleyball star Zhu Ting now has another mountain to climb.。
4.The second Saturday of September every year marks the World First Aid Day.。
5.The defeat means Fulham have now lost a record 11 consecutive London derbies in the top flight.。
6.IPC president Andrew Parsons has expressed congratulations through the internet. He hopes the program will influence the future generation of decision-makers in China by Paralympic values, history and positive examples of Paralympic athletes, and to engage more people with disabilities to participate in winter sports, leaving a "soft legacy" for the Games.。


1、Jordi Cruyff's debut as Shenzhen Kaisa was bitter but the Dutch said he was satisfied with his players.。
2、Before the final whistle, both sides created and missed sorts of chances that could turn one point into three.。
3、The reigning champions had 25 points after 10 matches and sealed a spot in the second stage.。
4、Some even voiced concerns about whether the "volleyball star" could fit into campus life and whether she would be troubled by admirers.。
5、While consensus among the F1 fraternity was that the Italian Mugello circuit's fast sweeping turns and frequent undulation would be the season's biggest physical challenge for the drivers, there were fears that a lack of heavy braking zones would make overtaking difficult.。


His absence is likely to provide another opportunity for Cesar Dutra, who replaced Alves in the team's 2-0 defeat to Ceara in Brazil's Serie A championship on Sunday.!


  • 象仙 10-22

    "I was very concentrated when playing the first match. However, I felt a little tired in the mixed doubles. We tried to exert our strengths on the court to play against our well-performed rivals. The 11-point competition system is too difficult," said Zheng.

  • 境界 10-21

    "I consider New York my second home, I really love the atmosphere, even though sadly there are no people here, I really feel this court really suits me well," Osaka said.

  • 的冥 10-20

    Elsewhere, Mainz survived a scare against fourth division club Havelse and booked their berth for the next round.

  • 厂开 10-19

    Osaka then gained the momentum and broke a third time to take the match to a deciding set.

  • 舰形 10-18

    Meanwhile, Nuremberg were able to reduce the arrears in the closing stages when Phillipp Steinhart converted a penalty in the 79th minute.

  • 右对 10-17

    According to the Chinese Football Association (CFA), league A was divided into three groups in three cities: Chengdu; Changzhou; and Meizhou.

  • 兽直 10-16

    Luneng were on a three-game winless run before Sunday's game while Evergrande dominated Group A, despite losing to Luneng 1-0 in the first leg, their only defeat this season.

  • 恐惧 10-15

    Osaka then gained the momentum and broke a third time to take the match to a deciding set.

  • 不停 10-14

    Attacking midfielder Gabriel Sara had given the visitors the lead with an eighth-minute strike before Madson Ferreira equalized on the half-hour mark.

  • 的则 10-13

    But in the third and fourth sets, Zverev's play became sloppy while Thiem started to gain momentum and applied more pressure to Zverev's serve. The Austrian star finally got back into the match after taking the two sets and evened the gap.

  • 直接 10-12

    Hangzhou 2022 also embraced multiple milestones amid the fight against the pandemic.

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